Why we’re here:

52% of young people in the U.S. believe our democracy is in trouble or failing, and even more, 84%, experience climate anxiety. Yet, most of us don't know what to do, who to reach out to, or what to say to drive progress on issues defining our generation.

That's where we come in.

Legislative Llama is a digital platform that activates Gen Z & Millennials’ political participation and advocacy for social & environmental justice.

We believe that civic engagement can protect our democracy, communities, and climate.


only 30% of us take action on the issues defining our generation. legislative llama helps you get off the sidelines.

Legislative Llama is powering up your advocacy & serving up political tea on topics that matter most to you:


Climate & Environmental Justice


Gun Violence Prevention


LGBTQI+ Rights


Affordable Housing

During primaries, general elections, and legislative sessions our platform makes advocacy and direct communications to decision-makers easy, intuitive, and fun for young voters and civically engaged would-be voters.

our values.

  • We are committed to social justice and following the lead of values, aligned grassroots organizations.
  • We prioritize your data privacy and will never sell your personal individual and identifiable data.
  • We are always innovating to make your advocacy and political participation easy and accessible!