our model.

Your voice counts! We're here to amplify it. Here’s how we team up with you in three simple steps:

  • Join the Llamas! Register for free, no-strings-attached access to level up your advocacy. Select the issues that matter most to you. We'll sync you up with what local orgs and what they're advocating for!
  • Decide what moves to make. Following your lead, and the lead of your local orgs, we'll instantly generate outreach to your electeds, which you can tweak and send directly from the platform!
  • Your moves build movements. Call out problematic policies, make change for your community, and bring your squad along for the ride. It's bound to be a vibe with y'all.
Let's team up to make a better future for our democracy, communities, and planet.
Our platform is easy, fun, customized to you, and grassroots-led.

But don't just take our word for it. Check it out for yourself!

How we work for you

for our everyday advocates we...

  • Reach you where you’re at: On your phone — no passwords or app to download
  • Activate your long-term, sustainable advocacy habits on the issues defining our generation
  • Leverage AI to send personalized messages to decision-makers — sharing how you feel, what you think, and insights from advocacy partners
  • Connect you with values-aligned organizations
  • Register you to vote

Our everyday advocates will always have free access to the Legislative Llama app and all features within it!

for community partners we...

  • Follow your lead: Our platform is informed by your legislative priorities, messaging, and campaign updates (aka “political tea”)
  • Increase the reach & effectiveness of your advocacy campaigns
  • Build your advocacy capacity, decreasing both time and cost of reaching out to elected officials
  • Track how your membership moves up the engagement & leadership development ladder
  • Grow your name recognition and membership
  • Poll young voters on the issues*
  • A/B test which messages are most effective*

*Paid features

Check out our FAQs or get in touch if you have any questions!